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FAA Publications

  • Summit Aviation
    If you are an active CFI you need this CD.  Although you can get just about anything over the internet these days, it’s time consuming.  Summit Aviation has produced a CD  that contains the full text of over 850 FAA  publications  including thousand of illustrations.  Every document is linked to a search engine for easy review of all subjects.  Their new “Query Wizard”  allows you to do simple and complex searches of every document on the CD  so you get the data you need quickly.  If you had the paper copies of this CD it would fill a bookcase three feet wide and six foot high. Click on the Summit icon for details!
  • FAA Publications online
    Most of the FAA Handbooks can be found here in PDF Format.
  • Advisory Circulars – All of them
  • AC 61-65E Certification of Pilots and Flight and Ground Instructors
    This Advisory Circular is used so often by CFIs we decided to give it its own place on our site.  Use this AC to obtain the FAA’s suggested logbook endorsements.
  • Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Pilot/Controller Glossary
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