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  • NASA Aeronautics Educational Software
    Great software that can be downloaded free from the NASA Glen Research Center.  Be sure to check out “Foilsim”, the windtunnel for your computer.
  • Click Here to Run Foilsim over the web
    Please be patient, it may take some time.
  • How it See Flies 
    A  fantastic “on line” book by John S. Denker.  He puts a new spin on the principals of  flight.  Should be required reading for your students.
  • J-3 Piper Cub
    Click here for a great little model you can make to demonstrate how flight controls work. Print it out on card stock.
  • Those Marvelous Props
    An excellent article written by AvWeb’s John Deakin.  This article discusses the history of propeller design and really does a good job explaining how a constant speed prop works.  This is manditary reading  for your students considering a “complex” endorsement.
  • USAF Fact Sheet on the Sonic Boom
  • Weight and balance program
    A neat little program written by Paul Kinzelman that graphically depicts weight and balance as well as changes in stall and maneuvering speed.  If you have problems installing it you can contact him at paul@kinzelman.com
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