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Accident Prevention

  • National Transportation & Safety Board Web Site
    Here you can read about every aircraft accident reported since 1983.  There is a great search engine if you know the date, place. or “N” number.  You can also check on train wrecks
  • FAASafety.gov
    Here is a new FAA initiative. You can get on a Email list to see what is happening in your area. Pass this site on to your “clients”.
  • Free Online Courses
    The AOPA Air Safety Institute online courses qualify for the safety seminar portion of the FAA WINGS program. Also try the new mini courses!
  • Personal Minimums Checklist
    Use this form when you develop your lesson plan on safety and personal limits.
  • FAA Accident Investigation
    Use this site to view aviation accidents across the US as they are reported to the FAA.  If an accident happened yesterday, this site would have it. This site is much more timely than the NTSB site.
  • NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System
    Get your NASA reporting forms here plus review recently issued alerts.  Be sure to check out the flash version.
  • FAA’s Runway Safety Program
    Over the last six years runway incursions have increased from 186 to 325.  See what the FAA is doing about it.
  • AOPA Air Safety Institute “Nall  Safety  Report.”
    Here is an excellent report on the causes of general aviation accidents.
  • Propeller Safety (AOPA/ASF)
    Things a good CFI should be stressing to their students.
  • Safety Highlights 
    An AOPA Airsafety Foundation report on the Piper Cherokee, Arrow, Cessna 172, 182 and Beachcraft Bonanza and Debonair.  Anyone who trains in these popular aircraft should read this report.
  • Aircraft Icing
    An AOPA Air Safety Foundation “Safety Advisor”
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